Snow White (Sawn)

Laps is a unique tile shaped like a wedge. This shape allows the user/installer to create multiple patterns & designs. Interchanging the pattern is easy & creates a 3-dimensional effect. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, interlaced and many different applications are possible. Please lay the tiles & create intended patterns on floor before installa-tion.

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Specifications of Snow White (Sawn)

SKU SNW812-515P1
Primary Color(s) White
Stone Type Marble
Thickness Wedge
Adhesive Inside: Thinset mortar recommended,Outside: Flexible latex based mortar recommended & Ideas: Laticrete Multipurpose or Multipurpose pro adhesive
Variations Solid
Application Walls/Fireplace/Backsplash
Usage Indoor/Outdoor
Weight 1.85 Kg
Dimension (cm) 30.00 X 20.00
Dimension (in) 12.00 X 8.00
Thickness (mm) 05-15 mm
Weight/Piece (KG) 1.85
Pieces/Box 18
Weight/Box 33.5
Boxes/Crate 24
Pieces/crate 432
Square Feet/crate 288
Square Meter Per crate 26.8
Weight per crate (KG) 860
Square feet per container (21 MT) 6912
Square meter per container 642.14

How to Install