Green Mica (Natural)

Stacked Stone System's Flat Collection is even 1 cm thickness panel put together in variouas sizes on a mesh, these can be used for flooring and walls, carefully hand selected range makes for a beautiful wall or floor pattern, Common applications include Bathroom walls, living room, kitchen counter backsplashes, column wraps, furniture fronts, bar counter surround, flooring and other decorative surfaces

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Specifications of Green Mica (Natural)

SKU GM818-10F
Primary Color(s) Green
Stone Type Slate
Thickness Flat
Adhesive Inside: Thinset mortar recommended,Outside: Flexible latex based mortar recommended & Ideas: Laticrete Multipurpose or Multipurpose pro adhesive
Variations Solid
Application Walls/Fireplace/Backsplash
Usage Indoor/Outdoor
Weight 2.2 Kg
Dimension (cm) 45.50 X 20.00
Dimension (in) 18.00 X 8.00
Thickness (mm) 10 mm
Weight/Piece (KG) 2.2
Pieces/Box 10
Weight/Box 22
Boxes/Crate 40
Pieces/crate 400
Square Feet/crate 400
Square Meter Per crate 37.16
Weight per crate (KG) 940
Square feet per container (21 MT) 8800
Square meter per container 818

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